Commands to Troubleshoot Printer connected to AIX Server

To stop the subsystem group

stopsrc -cg spooler


– c      specifies that the stop request is a canceled stop request.

– g      specifies the group of subservers to be stopped.

To start the subsystem group

#startsrc -g spooler

To shutdown system with notify to  users 60 second to log off.

# cd / ; shutdown -m

To list the names of all configured queues

# lsallq


To show the availability of printer devices

# lsdev –Cc printer

To list the printer status and files in the queue.

# lpstat

To show the status of a queue and list all queue devices.

# qchk –P lp0

To start up the queue lp1

# qadm –U lp1

To stop the queue lp1

# qadm –K lp1

To delete all files in lp1

# qadm -X lp1

To cancel the job 475 stored in the queue lp1

# qcon –P lp1 –x 475

To print the files (filename) through the queue lp1

# lpr –p lp1 (filename)