Amadeus Selling Platform Troubleshooting Guide

Amadeus Selling Platform is a web interface application that is loaded using Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.Internet Explorer web browser is the most common web browsing application that uses thousands of tools and components in order to give us the best interaction and graphical reproduction for any page a user attempts to view.

There are problems, however, when a user tries to execute Amadeus Selling Platform.These problems are caused by previous unobservant usage of Internet Explorer such as extra toolbar, pop-ups, advertising programs, Internet spy-ware applications or other extra components, thus jeopardizing the stability of Internet Explorer.

In this field, Amadeus Technical Department would like to help our users, in order to avoid similar problems as well as securing the reliability of Amadeus Selling Platform Application, by announcing some common error messages including some tips and solutions.


WCG001: Amadeus Vista is not correctly configured for your computer. a parameter is missing. Please contact your help-desk.


This generally occurs when Automatic Update Service is stopped.No answer from the Web Config server. Automatic Update is not running or doesn’t have access to Web Config. The version of the product installed is different than the version       deployed in Web Config.


Check that Automatic Update is up and running.


SG_5117: The attempt to connect to Amadeus System has failed. Please contact your help desk.


The HWID is configured with high encryption but the certificate cannot be found.


Check that the certificate is installed, reissue/re-install the HWID.


SG_9015: The attempt to connect to Amadeus System has failed. Please contact your help desk.


The HWID has been reissued but not re-installed


Call Technical department in order to reissue and re-install HWID


7 thoughts on “Amadeus Selling Platform Troubleshooting Guide

  1. hi team
    kindly help me on 1 query.
    i have two amadeus id one of them SLC and other one is transam.
    i want to know can i run both id on same system.

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