WUC-19: Unable to write to local file in Windows 7


I  can not download the jacob.dll, JNIsharedstubs.dll and D2Kwut60.dll

I’m able to download and save the file on client directly by putting the download in browser, but through application, it gives below errors.

WUC-19: Unable to write to local file
c:\Progra~1\Oracle\Jiniti~1.22\bin\JNIsharedstubs.dll.Failed to download URL
WUC-19: Unable to write to local file
Failed to download URL
https://xxxxx.xxx.edu.my/forms/webutil/d2kwut60.dll Continue reading


Oracle error : ORA-01632 : Max extents reached in index

Error: ORA-01632
Text: max # extents (%s) reached in index %s.%s
Cause: An index tried to extend past maxextents
Action: If maxextents is less than the system max, raise it.
Otherwise, you must recreate with larger initial, next
or pctincrease params. Continue reading