ORA-00844, ORA-00851 SGA_MAX_SIZE 734003200 cannot be set to more than MEMORY_TARGET 100663296

If you get the following message :

ORA-01078: failure in processing system parameters
ORA-00844: Parameter not taking MEMORY_TARGET into account
ORA-00851:  SGA_MAX_SIZE 734003200 cannot be set to more than MEMORY_TARGET 100663296.

Here’s the way to correct with RAC and ASM :

  1. Create pfile from spfile

Connect to your RAC instance (for example MYDB_1)


sqlplus / as sysdba

SQL> create pfile=’/opt/app/oracle/product/11/RDBMS_2_0_3/dbs/initMYDB.ora’

from spfile=’+DATADG/MYDB/spfileMYDB.ora’;

  1. Suppress SGA_MAX_SIZE in your pfile or lower the value under MEMORY_TARGET.
  2. Start your instance with pfile and recreate spfile

sqlplus / as sysdba

SQL> startup pfile=/opt/app/oracle/product/11/RDBMS_2_0_3/dbs/initMYDB.ora

SQL> create spfile=’+DATADG/MYDB/spfileMYDB.ora’

from pfile=’/opt/app/oracle/product/11/RDBMS_2_0_3/dbs/initMYDB.ora’;

SQL> shutdown immediate;

SQL> exit

  1. Start your instance with the cluster

srvctl start database -d MYDB

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