First boot script execution error – when deploying VCSA appliance – how to resolve?

While deploying VCSA appliances, if you get “First script execution error” as shown in the screenshot below, what could be the issue? how do you resolve?


Its’ always best to analyze the logs, you can find the path in the same error screenshot to get the log file.

After you navigate to the respective log file path and open the log file, try searing “First boot error” in  the same log file.

first boot error.png

Immediately above the error line, you will find information like “If the supplied system name is a FQDN, then make sure the DNS forward lookup results in at least one valid IP address in the system

first boot error1

So, as per the information fetched from the log, it clearly indicates that the issue is because of Fully qualified domain name specified while installation the VCSA appliance.

To conclude this cause, this particular issue occurs when FQDN is not resolving during first boot of an appliance.

To resolve this,

-> you have to create DNS host record of VCSA appliance FQDN name.

-> You have to verify the host record created is working fine or not using following steps

  1. Open the console to the vCenter Server Appliance and press CTRL+ALT+F3 and log in with root credentials.
  2. To enable shell, run this command.

    shell.set –enabled true

  3. Enter shell with this command:


  4. Ping the DNS servers to confirm communication with this command:


  5. Use nslookup to make sure the vCenter Server Appliance can be resolved:

    nslookup vCenter_Server_Appliance_FQDN

  6. Use the nslookup command to resolve the shortname.


Once all DNS/FQDN related issues are resolved and all looks good, then redeploy the VCSA appliance.

Its always recommended to create DNS host records, test those records, before you deploy VCSA appliance to avoid issues.


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