Some useful commands at Windows

Sometimes you need to use the command prompt to open some programs or window. Below is a list of commands you can use under Microsoft Windows prearranged depending of their functionality:

Control Panel

  • CONTROL: opens the control panel window
  • CONTROL ADMINTOOLS: opens the administrative tools
  • CONTROL KEYBOARD: opens keyboard properties
  • CONTROL COLOUR: opens display properties. (Appearance tab )
  • CONTROL FOLDERS: opens folder options
  • CONTROL FONTS: opens font policy management Continue reading

How to use shell commands for daily administration tasks

List Directory Contents with permissions

[ahmed@Linux ~] $ ll
[ahmed@Linux ~] $ ls –al

List Directory contents with their estimated space usage in human readable format

[ahmed@Linux ~] $ du -ach --mac-depth=1 /home/oracle

Clear Shell Screen

[ahmed@Linux ~] $ clear

Top memory process

[ahmed@Linux ~] $ top
(Press shift + m by sorting memory descending)

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