Failed to query TCP/IP Settings

I had a user with a “network problem”.  When I went to his PC and tried the command prompt “ipconfig /all” the result read:-

Windows IP Configuration

but that was it no more lines of information after that.

 I tried repairing a network connection and got the “Failed to query TCP/IP settings” message.  I was quite surprised that TCP/IP couldn’t be uninstalled/re-installed natively.  The steps listed down allowed me to do this and fixed my problem. Continue reading

Troubleshooting DNS problems with Nslookup

If you are running a DNS server on your Windows NT or Windows 2000 network, you know that various problems can arise and cause the system to go haywire. When that happens, you dig into your arsenal of troubleshooting tools and go to work. If you are running Windows NT, chances are you head to the DNS Manager, since it is the primary tool for managing Windows NT DNS name servers. If you are running Windows 2000, you typically head to the DNS Console, since it is the primary tool for administering Windows 2000 DNS name servers.

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